Monday, April 28, 2008

Kylie Elizabeth Winward Arrives!

Our second grand-daughter came to visit this evening... here are the particulars

  • Born April 28th, 2008 - 6:09pm
  • Las Vegas Nevada
  • 7.1 lbs, 20 inches
  • Beautiful!
  • Long fingers and toes (like her Mom, Sister and Grandma)
I think she looks a lot like McKinley... but Jill says she's her own little girl. I like holding her!

Karrissa and Joe can fill you in on the details of the labor and birth (Jill and I watched McKinley today - then I had her all alone while Jill went in for the final part of the delivery - and she still lives!)

We then took McKinley in to see her little sister.
Here are some photos from our visit tonight. More tomorrow... I thought I'd post a bunch of photos... sorry. But these girls are so dang cute!


nanajan said...

Great photos! Congratulations, Grandpa!

Deni said...

Keith, I don't suppose I've ever seen a smile this big on your face. Congratulations!! Karrissa looks SOOO good. Please send our congratulations. I would do it myself, but she has made her blog private. Miss Kylie is beautiful. Congrats again

- Deni

Gramps said...

Thanks for the photo's Keith. We have put some on our digital frame already. Thanks for the frame as well, we have certainly enjoyed it. Congratulations Grandpa! You are certainly enjoying the role.

Gram said...

I loved all those photos, Keith. What great fun to have the pictures so soon. I am happy that both are doing well. Karrissa looks positively beautiful and that new baby I want to give a hug to.
We took the digital frame to Aunt Ora's today and Dad had posted the reunion photos and those of Kylie and she couldn't believe that the baby was so new.