Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Great little MP3 Speaker

I've been carrying around with me for about a year now this 'Orbit' speaker from Altec Lansing. Great little speaker - but too big and heavy to leave in my backpack. So it rides along in my suitcase. Since I normally only listen to music and/or videos in my hotel rooms. But for the last month I tried a new smaller, lighter speaker that doesn't need batteries. It has an internal rechargeable. Just plug it into a USB port and viola it is charged. It 'pops' up with an accordion like interface to increase the internal size to give it more bass sounds. It works! I can heartedly recommend this as an adjunct to any iPod, game, or computer you want simple, small and good sounding audio!"The sound is incredible! Rich and loud and strong, this little speaker surprises everyone with how big it sounds. It’s portable and rechargeable via USB, so you can take it anywhere you might need a big boost of sound. Just pop open the capsule and extend the speaker - this opens the resonance chamber, increasing the bass response even higher. Plus, at a full-charge, it can run for nearly 8 hours! It’s electric awesome in the palm of your hand."I got mine here.

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Gramps said...

Thanks Keith for the great posts. It's nice to keep up on your travels, experiences and all those books that you read. Glad that you was able to enjoy your family in Vegas.