Thursday, April 17, 2008

Final Site Survey for San Juan Experimental Mine

Yesterday it took 9 hours to go from Karrissa's house in Las Vegas to the apartment in Safford AZ - it would have been less time just to drive directly there!

Early morning up to the mine site - do a couple of RF and 802.11 site surveys, and oh yea... get stuck again during the survey.
Brian swears he's only got stuck with I'm doing a survey with him, yea right... Pat tried to free the Jeep by himself... Here is my rented 'economy' car - brand-new Mustang - my travel karma has been doing pretty good lately. The Rental agent just gave me this instead of my normal 'el cheapo' rental. Then home tonight where Mom and Dad picked me up at the airport before going to the BYU -vs- Utah Lacrosse game. BYU on top 11-3!!

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Gram said...

We were happy to pick you up and we enjoyed the game very much.