Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Grand-Daughter McKinley

Ok, it's time for a McKinley post. She is my first and as of right now *only* grand-daughter (for at least a couple more days...) and I'm pretty proud of the little thing. She's cute, smart, and really well behaved - well at least when she's not tired. Even the waitress at the restaurant last night kept commenting on how cute she was - and how smart too... Yesterday morning I had a chance to sit with her in Karrissa's new recliner in the 'baby room' and read McKinley stories... about 40 or so as she had me read every book on her bookshelf. I had a great time teaching her some new signs and animals. She now also knows:

  • the 'sign' for Elephant (I just made one up - but she seems to understand and repeat it)
  • Sound for Snake 'sssss'
  • a Skunk 'Stinky' and a nose sign
  • a sign for 'Shark' - chomping teeth together (She likes doing this one)
We also got to go to the Library for singing and story time and got to watch McKinley have fun dancing and singing... she still likes the songs better than the stories. And then to the park to watch the ducks and turtles.

Later last night when we went to dinner with Joe - she could still remember them. So at dinner I drew up pictures on a piece of paper and practiced them all again.

I love it when she likes something you do... and wants more... she does the sign for 'more' - and if she REALLY wants it again - a 'please' in front of the 'more'

She also likes to have you sing songs with her... especially those with fun little hand motions. To ask for a specific song she signs or a special word:
  • Hoo Hoo No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
  • Bird Sign Two Little Dickie Birds
  • Spider Itsy Bitsy Spider

For someone who just barely learned to walk... Kinny likes walking around in other people's shoes. Right now she's shuffling around in my steel-toed boots... she can't even lift her feet - just slides them along the tile floor. Karrissa and Joe are doing a great job as parents raising her in a loving home - it's sometimes amazing to see your own children turn into parents! I had a great time down here this weekend visiting and playing with McKinley!


Deni said...

Keith, I love reading your blog. McKinley is so very cute, and I love seeing your kids all grown up. You guys seem so happy together always. Tell the family hello. Karrissa looks so great too. Kinda crazy that I have known you guys for 10 years. A lot happens in that amount of time...

Gram said...

It was fun to read all of your blog today. It seems that you had a good time down in Las Vegas. It is so fun to read how McKinley interacts with you as grandparents. You did a good job with your family and now Karrissa and Joe are repeating the process. You made a hit with the stroller. I'd like to see her do the shark sign you taught her.

Karrissa said...

Thanks Dad! We sure love you and I love watching McKinley and "Papa" time! Thanks for teaching her so much!

Gramps said...

Thank you Keith for the great posts about your family. I'm delighted to see you enjoying being a grandparent. Yes, it is fun to see your children become parents and how they do. Keep up the good work, and exciting posts.
Love ya man!