Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stomp Out Loud with 'My Girls'

Monday I spent the morning running errands to get the cars all gassed, washed, and oil changes for Jill and Karrissa's SUVs.

Then we all bundled up and went to Costco, Errands, and Walmart. We had a nice lunch at Red Robin. Kinny
loved her balloon. (Well the second one after we figured out to tie it to something...) Of course as Grandparents we just 'had to' get McKinley some new toys to play with.
Jill, Karrissa and Alysha went shopping in the afternoon and I worked while Kinny slept upstairs.
The nightime entertainment was dinner at Cheesecake Factory- a bit more shopping, then the main event - Stomp Out Loud at Planet Hollywood!Initially I was going to stay home with McKinley, but Karrissa talked me into going. I'm sure glad she did. It was a phenomenal demonstration of entertainment using just simple things. Plastic bags, brooms, keys, rubber tubes, newspapers, and even just lighters to make music.

If you want to check it out - see this video on YouTube.

If you ever have a chance to see this troupe I highly recommend it! It was a great night out with 'My Girls'

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Gram said...

Sounded like a good time. Alysha and Karrissa just keep looking more and more alike.