Sunday, April 13, 2008

Traveling Home...Stopping along the way...

After class Friday afternoon I got to be the 'student' for awhile when Martin sat and taught me about the Ascom phone system. I was very impressed with the thought, features, and adaptability in the Ascom IP handsets. Thanks Martin!

After packing up all my stuff so the morning would be easy, I finished up the last couple of episodes of the Star Trek Enterprise season four. (I watched 2-3 episodes every night in Sweden) - then went to bed. Because I had to leave at 5:00am I wanted to go to be early... but the episodes lasted a bit longer, then Jill called from home... so I didn't get to sleep until late... then Jill called an hour later. By then I just decided to stay up and watch Brent's lacrosse game on the internet.
The net connection at the hotel worked great - the BYU TV broadcast came through quite nice. Check it out sometime - BYU TV. I even got a quick glimpse of Jill watching (and freezing) on the sidelines. The Cougars played a great first half - up 10-2. I guess the coach's talk about hitting the first five minutes very hard worked. By the time the game was over - I just showered and went down to wait for the taxi to the airport.

Of course - it had to snow on my way to the airport. The snow really likes me this year, eh?
Flight to London Heathrow on an SAS flight - then a United flight out on to Washington DC Dulles - a couple of hours waiting, then another United flight into Vegas. So it was just three flights - All in COACH! Yech! Only 22 hours of traveling.

Jill and Alysha drove down to Vegas to spend Alysha's spring break with Karrissa, Joe and McKinley. I picked up a 'Dog' at the airport in DC because of McKinley. I heard that everytime she said Jill's name 'Grandma' she'd add to it 'Dog'... So I thought if McKinley would say 'Pa' - then if she said 'dog' - I'd have one for her. Of course she remembered me... Thanks Kinny.
We woke up this morning and had McKinley in our bed playing, reading books, hiding, etc. It was great fun! After church this morning - we all napped in the afternoon and even had some time at the park on the slides.

It will be an enjoyable couple of days spent here in Vegas with Karrissa and Joe as some time to spend with family for a couple of days.

Oh, one last thing. I had to take a picture of this 'Hillary Nut Cracker' that was at an Airport store... They even sold 'Hillary's Nuts' to go with...


Laura H said...

I don't know if it's the same, but we have ascom phones here at work. They are like a cellphone. Portable and able to be carried on us. It's such a big unit that we all have one, and then can be contacted when someone needs us, or a doctor calls. It is nice to be able to page and have a Dr call you right back and not go to the desk, esp if you have a sick patient that you're in the room with. Just thought that was interesting.

Gram said...

Hey that is neat Laura. I've never heard of Ascom phones but it sounds nice. I enjoyed your trip report, Keith. Yes, that was one cold night at Lacrosse. I couldn't keep my teeth from chattering. I was colder than I remember Laramie being. I'm glad that Kinny remembered you and that you are having a good time with the family. Enjoy it you deserve it!