Friday, April 25, 2008

Oregon LAX Trip - Part 1

Thursday morning Jill and I flew up to Portland so we could watch the BYU Lacrosse games this weekend against Oregon State and Oregon. We had some time before the 7:00pm game in Corvallis... so we took a nice ride out to the Ocean and drove down the coast before heading back in toward OSU and the BYU Game.

The first stopping point - after a great drive over the mountains... was Tillamook. So we just *had to* stop by at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I know, sounds dorky... but it was great. We were able to watch the entire process and learn how Tillamook Cheddar Cheese makes it to our store shelves.

They process 1.9 million pounds of milk every day - 365 days a year. (the cows don't seem to need vacations) We bought some nice cheeses in the factory store - I really liked the 2-year aged - which makes it very 'sharp'. The factory floor was FAST - processing lots and lots of cheese! For a quick look on how to make cheese...

Then down the coast - well just in from the coast most of the way - Stopping at a couple of places to take some pictures.
These were overlooking some rocks covered with Sea Lions - but too far away to see more than just 'bugs moving' - but we were over 500 feet above the Pacific Ocean.It was a beautiful drive - but felt like it is a long way away from the world - that and it's fairly 'old' and run down a bit.

Then on to the huge metropolis of Corvallis Oregon - ok, not so huge - only 50k and 20k of those were students at OSU.

The BYU team totally out-classed the OSU Beavers.
They were up 12-0 at half time when Coach Lamb started to put in all the players who get less playing time. Brent took an illegal hit to the head... the guy got a three-minute penalty. Then later in the game was ejected for more unsportsmanlike conduct.

lots and lots of flags on OSU
The OSU Beaver stadium was awesome... kind of cool to play in this very professional stadium... but sad to not have very many fans.

Then today we went for a drive back up to Portland to go to the LDS Temple there, and to see the Willamette Falls and Locks.

The drive turned from a 70 minute to over 2 hours - lots of traffic. The Temple as beautiful and the session pretty good.
Then on our way to the falls, we stopped at one of those view spots on the side of the freeway... glad we did. We couldn't make it any closer to the falls - it is all industrial there, and the locks were closed. So we got some dinner then drove back down to Corvallis.
Mt. Hood in the Distance
Tomorrow is the BYU -vs- OU game at 1:00pm - then back to Portland for a flight to Vegas to meet with Karrissa for her Birthday on Sunday.


Karrissa said...

Glad you guys are having a good trip. It is so beautiful!

Gramps said...

Again, thanks for your neat photo's and report. It's certainly nice to have Blog's so we can learn from you and other's about their lives. The one photo has Norway written all over it. I guess I'll always relate to the beauty of Norway. So glad you are having Jill and Keith time and enjoying lacrosse and your family.

Gram said...

I am happy you have had a good trip. Hope the game today turns out well. The pictures of all the areas you went to are beautiful. Hope Brent's injury is okay. It is nice you and Jill can spend some time together now that the kids have grown up. Have a great time in Vegas!