Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Goteborg Sweden

This week I'm back again teaching in Goteborg Sweden for Ascom. They make a great little Voice Over IP Handset (Internet Phone) - that is marketed at industrial, hospital, etc. markets. I'm teaching a modified version of CWNA - Introduction to Wireless Networks class here to 15 students at the Ascom facility.

The class is going well - but I have to constantly remind myself to speak slower since most of the students speak English as a second language.

Here's a link to a wiki on the city of Gothenburg if you're interested.

Tonight for dinner Martin took me down to the Royal Sailing Club
and we had a fantastic fish meal - I couldn't read the Swedish menu - so I just took Martin's advice on the choice of fish. It was wonderfully cooked with mushrooms... mmmmmm. Looking out over the mouth of the Gote river watching some sailing school boats practicing as the sun set. Quite nice I must say.
The mouth of the river and to the West is dotted with hundreds of islands.


Karrissa said...

I like when you get to do a few cool things while on business. I bet you really liked watching the sailboats huh? Does it remind you or dear old mom "I sail!!"

Karrissa said...

Dad- I opened up your web page to show Joe something and McKinley was kneeling by me and said, "pa" when she saw your picture! No prompting from me or anything, she just said it!! Hooray!

Gram said...

Sounds like Martin has taken good care of you. The scenery is beautiful and I am sure you enjoyed the great fish meal.I would have!

Gramps said...

I certainly enjoyed reading about Goteborg. We really enjoy your blog entries and what you are doing at your various travel points. Thanks for sharing. I need to post our "how many of me" data. "Hardy bra" = have it good.